Moving Out Cleaning Service

When you Moving Out. Are you expecting your 100% rental bonds money back? 

For those people who are still in the rental market. Something you need to know.....

Moving out to a new home is absolutely exciting news. However it can be a very stressful time, with all the packing, organizing and scheduling for new services connection. After physically move to your new place. Do your still have the strength & energy left to clean your old home? If you are renting, have you gone through the moving out check list provided by your real estate agent? In many cases, cleaning is not the only item on their list.

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What do we actually do?

Red Ants Services understand how important it is for you to have your property thoroughly cleaned before handing it back to the landlord/ real estate agent or your new buyer. We also have the best industry knowledge and over 10 years onsite experience to satisfy even your most demanding real estate agents. We are proactively taking on the moving out cleaning responsibility; leaving your apartment, unit or house in the best rentable condition so you can get your 100% rental bonds back.

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How Do I Know If I Am Getting The Best Service For The Best Price?

This is probably the single most important question asked these days. When you open a yellow pages, local newspaper or search on the internet, you can easily find couples or many different cleaning companies offering the same service. To know if you are getting the best price, you have to ask yourself the all-important question “What exactly the cleaning standard your real estate agent or landlord want?”

It is always easy to say I want the best, everybody do. In reality, you get what you pay for. From our past experience and the record indicate, there is a direct linkage between the condition of the property to be cleaned and the amount of time to clean it. In simple term, if haven't clean your property since you moved in expect a higher cleaning bill !

Let's face it, in today's competitive environment it is no longer possible for any company to exist if they are not competitive in price.

Do the cleaning service company you choose offer 100% full rental bond return guarantee? What this means is that if something (cleaning) goes wrong; they will liaise with your landlord or agent to relief you from dealing with any cleaning issues. That give you total peace of mind while you still unpacking your boxes in your new home. That's what we stand for. Click here. to book now.

Check this out ! Here is a Final Inspection Guide from a Real Estate Agent

  1. Stove top, griller, rangehood and oven to be cleaned thoroughly
  2. Refrigerator (especially behind), washing machine, dryer, microwave to be cleaned (where applicable)
  3. Exhaust fans to be removed and cleaned
  4. Air vents to be dusted
  5. All blinds to be dusted and wipe down
  6. Windows and windowsills to be cleaned thoroughly
  7. All cupboards to be cleaned throughly inside and out
  8. Marks to be removed from walls
  9. All light fittings to be cleaned and non-functioning light bulbs replaced
  10. All floors and skirting to be washed & wipe clean
  11. Carpet to be professionally shampooed or dry-cleaned
  12. Meter readings to be carried out for all utilities
  13. Electricity disconnection - ensure main switch is in "off" position
  14. Cobwebs to be removed
  15. Lawns to be mowed (where applicable)
  16. Flower beds and pebble areas to be weeded (where applicable)
  17. No rubbish to be left in the garden or in the house
  18. Particular attention should be paid to bathrooms, toilets and bathroom cabinets
  19. Shower recesses to be scrubbed and grouting to be free of all soap residue and mildew
  20. Shower screens and shower curtains to be washed
  21. Driveways, carports and all concrete areas to be free from oil and grease stains
  22. Furiture and upholstery to be left in clean condition (where applicable)
  23. All inventory items to be accounted for (where applicable)
  24. Organise with Australia Post to have your mail redirected

In simple words, you've got a lot of works to do! Click here., we can help.

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