Dear Restaurant Owners,

Can you afford a “kitchen shut down” by the council due to sub-standard kitchen hygiene?

For those restaurant owners who are still thinking they can do everything themselves. Something you need to know.....

Kitchen hygiene is vitally important when you’re running a restaurant / café business. After physicallyserving your customers all day long; it can be a very stressful when it’s come to clean up time. Do your still have the strength & energy left to clean? A good general housekeeping may be all you can do.

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What do we actually do?

Health and safety cleans

Perfect for owners who have received a food hygiene report from the council that requires remedial action, or for addressing which might become a health and safety risk. We will meet with a representative and work with you, appraising the areas which require attention using our in house developed appraisal system.

Area specific cleans

We don’t need to clean everything! We realise that many owners /operators prefer to clean their own kitchens. However, sometimes there are those jobs that you just don’t have the specialist tools, equipment or chemicals necessary to get results. Just tell us what you need and we’ll ensure a super high standard at a price you can afford.

Just take a look at these before and after shots.

Wok before Wok after             Cavity before Cavity after

Regular cleaning program

Using kitchen staff for your cleaning needs isn’t always the most cost effective way. You could reduce the cost of potentially expensive annual cleans and benefit from a high standard of cleanliness year round, whilst being confident of a job well done.

This is a cost effective and worthwhile way of addressing your cleaning needs and maintaining a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness at all times. We can devise an affordable and regular cleaning program tailor-made for your kitchen.

We usually recommend a cleaning regime which begins with a one off deep clean or an area specific clean (offered at a discounted rate). We then visit your kitchen at regular intervals attending to agreed areas. (We can do so as little or as often as required.)

  • Because your kitchen is never likely to fall below a certain standard, we can adjust our prices to reflect this.
  • Because you are buying an ongoing service from us, we can offer this service at a very attractive price.

In simple words, you've already got a lot of works to do! Click here, we can help.


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