Dear Fellow Builder / Site Foreman,

It has been a long hard day!

It might not be the actual physical work itself. However, the time pressure & the last minute rush from the project can drive you up the wall. People such as your client, suppliers, trades or alike doesn't make your job any easier either. You are now one step away from handing over the project to your client. You need help to bring out the best of your work; the final clean up.

We are specializing in retail shopfitting cleaning. Since 1997 our job experience spanning across many different industry sites; franchise fast food outlets, hair studio, retail shop, medical centre, multi-level office building & government agencies. We can provide once off  hand over detail cleaning; as well as ongoing site clean up during fit out period.

Red Ants Services has proven track record and the in depth industry knowledge to provide consistent result specially for retail shopfitter & commercial fit-out builder within the building industry, so that you can sit comfortably in the knowledge your project can be delivered promptly. We pride ourselves on the quality of work which we do, that’s why all our work is backed up with a customer satisfaction guarantee which means that if you are not happy with the work done we will rectify the problem with no additional costs.

What do we actually include in our service

For most (non food) retail shopfitting, there are 3 main areas to be cleaned after fit out

  1. Shop Front windows (incl all frames, entrance & roller doors)
  2. All build in joinery units (inside, outside & display shelving)
  3. Floor ( remove marks & stains during fit out)

For most food retail shopfitting, there are 8 main areas to be cleaned after fit out

  1. Shop Front windows (incl all frames, entrance & roller doors)
  2. All build in joinery units (inside, outside)
  3. Servery area (menu board, counter & display cabinets)
  4. All stainless steel benches, shleves & sinks
  5. Cooking apliances (stoves, hot plate, wok burners or alike)
  6. Kitchen (tiled walls, cool room & canopy exhaust)
  7. Toilets area
  8. Floor ( remove marks & stains during fit out)

Our service is to provide you with a clean shop within a very short time frame ( usually you finish @5pm; shop is ready for your client to stock up by next morning ). Click here to get a quote.

How do we provide consistent service

It is the last thing you want find out if your project cannot be delivered on time or inconsistently with the quality. Don't leave it to chance!

There is a direct link between the scope of work & the men hours required to fulfill these tasks "properly". Red Ants Services use Team Cleaning Method (Multi Crew - usually 3 cleaners) to achieve high consistent quality result every time. Each team member are fully trained; compliance with all OH&S regulations (RED CARDED or Worksafe OH&S inducted). During your job, each member focus on specific tasks - end to end. Having been in the industry for more than 10 years, perfecting every cleaning method in this specific area; we have developed a systematic approach to each job as per your request! Click here to get a quote.

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