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Redants Here you'll find the best Cleaning Service in Melbourne.

Companies and businesses always look to cut costs. But when it comes to hiring commercial cleaning services, quality of service is very important. If hiring the cheaper commercial cleaner would mean less efficiency in their work, then hiring them would only be a waste. The company may only end up wasting money rather than saving.

In service industry, we are in fact dealing with only 1 problem.

To Meet & Exceed Our Client's Expecation With The Limit Resources At Hand.

We are Red Ants Services, we have been in the Melbourne commercial cleaning industry since 1997. Over the years, we have practised and developed our cleaning system focusing on 3 specific areas. They are Commercial FitOut Cleaning / Shopfitting Cleaning, Commercial Kitchen Cleaning and Office Cleaning.

Builder / Post Fit Out / Shopfitting Cleaning is aiming at construction & retail shop fit out sector. Project base cleaning service with dedicate on site superivsor deliver the commercial cleaning service according to your project needs. No matter it is a one day job or multidays project, we will deliver your project spotlessly on the - hand over date.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning is aiming at retail food sector. It can be a once off or contract base service depend on your needs & requirements. We have developed a systematic cleaning approach to maintain your commercial kitchen in top cleaning condition.

Office Cleaning is aiming at all small to medium sizes businesses. These offices normally staffed between 5 – 30, area ranging from 50 m2 to 400 m2; typical set up will be office + a large warehouse . Unlike offices in high rise commercial buildings, they have their different cleaning requirements. To achieve  long term service consistency our fully trained Multi Crew Team will ensure the cleaning service is done correctly.

Red Ants Services - To cross out one of your ToDo List item PERMANENTLY.

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